Bed Bug Preparation Instructions
You and your pet (if any) must leave your unit for a minimum of
4 hours once we start your service.
You must have the baseboards exposed in the bedrooms, living
room and closets.
Strip the mattress and box spring of all linens (If you have a bed bug
cover in good condition, leave it on the mattress and box spring).
Mattress and box spring must be lifted off of the bed frame and
turned onto its side.
Drawers in the nightstand and dresser must be emptied.
Clear floors of materials (toys, clothes, shoes, etc.).
All pictures and art from the walls must be removed and sealed in
plastic bags.
Closets must be emptied.
Clothes must be washed in hot water and dry clothes in hot heat or
taken to a dry cleaner.
Shoes must be in a bag.
Items can be put back once product is dry to touch.
If you do not already have one, we highly recommend purchasing a
bed bug cover for your mattress and box spring.
If you have a fish tank make sure the aquarium pump is turned
off, and the tank should be covered. If possible the HVAC system
should be turned off until you return and ventilate your home.
Please make every effort to ventilate your unit by opening windows
BEFORE Mars Pest Control arrives to your home.